Youth Competitive Teams

Crux’s competitive team is a youth program that unifies Austin climbers. We see this youth program as an extension of Crux’s culture where the youth in Austin will be able gather as a community to learn from and teach one another. We aim to provide a climbing program that fits a variety of youth ages, skill levels, and interests.

What is a Competitive Team?

Broken up into early practices for younger climbers and later practices for older climbers. This team is for youth who want to compete at USA Climbing competitions. In order to get them ready for competition, Team Crux practices 2-4 times a week at both South and Central locations.


$210/mo (includes a Team Crux shirt and a membership to come to Crux anytime outside of practice) 

+$160/mo for each add’tl sibling


South – Sunday and Thursday 4:00P-6:00P and 6:00P-8:00P
Central – Monday and Wednesday 4:00P-6:00p and 6:00P-8:00P

Both – Saturdays 8:00A-10:00A switching between locations with the calendar posted below.

Optional additional practices outside of Crux for an additional charge to gain experience on new and taller walls.

FAQs About Registration

This program is recommended for climbers with at least some climbing experience. We generally recommend the “Rec Team” or “Rec Team +” for inexperienced climbers.

Yes! We offer a $25 “team tryout” for anyone that wants to attend a session before signing up for a full month commitment. If you would like to do a team tryout, please contact Coach Damir at: to schedule a session.

We generally require younger participants (ages 7-11) to join the 4-6pm sessions. The 6-8pm session is generally for older kids (ages 12-18). However, if your athlete is a highly experienced climber, exceptions to these rules can be made.

Follow the registration button below.

If you are unsure whether your athlete wants to join, please reach out to to schedule a practice. You’ll pay for a day pass, and if you would like to join at the end of practice, the day pass fees will be used towards your first team dues.

Yes, and no. All additional costs are optional depending on how much your athlete would like to compete.

Additional Costs can include:

  • Additional Crux practice shirts – $12+tax
  • Team Crux Gear Pack – $59+tax
  • USA Climbing membership $105
  • Competition Registrations – $40-$60 for qualifying events and upwards to $200 for larger competitions.
  • Outdoor Climbing Trips – $20-$60
  • Coach fee for Divisionals and Nationals – $25-$50
  • Any gear your kid would want to own themselves rather than using Crux’s.

Typically athletes 12 and under will be 4P-6P and athletes 12+ will be 6P-8P

Your athlete will need to stick with the specific session that they signed up for.

Yes! We offer prorated dues for any mid-month registration

You are all set! Just show up a few minutes early for the first session to make sure that your athlete’s paperwork/ payment and waiver is up to date. Our front desk staff can help your child get fitted into climbing shoes and a harness. From there, our youth coaches will meet with your athlete and introduce them into the program!

FAQs About Practice and The Team

Practices are always optional. We strongly encourage athletes to come to as many sessions as possible, but we understand if they need to miss sessions on occasion.

For all practices Sunday-Thurday, we ask that our team wears a shirt, so that they are easily identified and to communicate to our other members that this climber knows climbing etiquette. By wearing the team shirt, we build a mutual respect between our members and the team athletes, instead of just another “kid in a playscape” mindset.

On Saturdays, team members can choose to wear whatever shirt they want. We do have a “shirt-on” policy, so a shirt must be worn during all practices and competitions.

We are sponsored by La Sportiva, so if you need any shoes we can place an order at a discount.

Yes, we host a couple outdoor day trips (Reimers, Greenbelt, Enchanted Rock, McKinney, Bull Creek, Roger’s, etc) throughout the year. Look below for our next available option. These trips are for competitive team kdis only.

Yes! Any youth programs membership grants your child full access to either of our gyms (south or central location). Your athlete would be welcome to climb at the gym during our regular business hours if they are under adult supervision (or age 13+).

While it is not required, it is highly suggested the more competitive your athlete  gets because you can purchase shoes with more advance features.

Crux provides all climbing gear for free as a part of their youth team membership. If your athlete wants to get their own gear, we do sell gear in our shop, but it is never mandatory for an athlete to have their own climbing gear. If they go to a competition, they will be able to rent gear from the hosting gym.

Typical gear needed: climbing shoes, harness, belay device, chalk bag and chalk. We have team crux gear packs for purchase that also work as a rope bag.

The ideal practice schedule is 3x a week, but we understand that might not fit into every family’s schedule. We also want to be able to provide an additional practice for those that desire it. We will have youth pick a “home” gym for practices and practice there. They will get to experience the other gym every other Saturday. During rope season, we will do a 2-to-1 schedule for Saturday practices where two Saturdays will be South and then one at Central.

Yes, we have a Facebook page where parents can interact and plan carpooling, etc. We will post info on the Facebook page, but we will also send out an email with any info we post there.

Please email, and it will be directed to our head coach and our head of programs. Emailing this account provides the fastest response.

Our team competes on the USA Climbing circuit with seasons broken into bouldering, sport, and speed.

USA Climbing will partner with various climbing gyms to host 3-6 Qualifying Events per season that will typically be in Texas. Crux always hosts a Qualifying Event for our teams convenience. If your athlete qualifies by ranking top 25, then they move on to Regionals.

We are a part of Region51, which is Texas minus the panhandle and Lousisana. If your athlete places in the top 10, they will qualify for Divisionals.

We are a part of Division 5, which is our region plus Region 52 – made up of Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, the north side of Mississippi, a small part of Kansas, and the south tips of Illinois and Indiana. If your athlete places in the top 6, they will qualify for the National Championships.

Yes, in order to compete your kid will need a competitor level membership that runs $105. You can sign up for one here.


Team Crux hosted try-outs on August 6th. If you were unable to make try-outs or are hoping to join mid-season, please fill out the form below and we will reach out.
Team Crux Interest Form
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Parent or Guardian's Name
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If you have any additional questions, please reach out to


Looking for a Private Lesson? Check out which coaches offer lessons below.

Outdoor Climbing Trips

We offer outdoor day climbing trips exclusively to our Team Crux members with an additional charge to cover coaches. We try to keep the cost down as much as possible, but if this is a barrier for your kid participating, please let us know.

Team Crux Gear Pack

Don’t forget to snag a Team Crux gear pack!

$59 – doubles as a rope bag with a rope tarp!