Crux Ambassadors

The Program

When you become a climber, you push your physical and mental limits past what thought possible. You surprise yourself with what you can accomplish: pulling that hard move, moving off the tiniest foot hold, going a few more feet up, exploring a new crag. We want to celebrate the every-day climber that’s pushing their own limits, trying something different, reaching new heights, accomplishing something they previously thought wasn’t possible.

How do we want to celebrate? We want to make you a Crux ambassador! We are rolling out this program to award the Crux ambassador twice a year to the every-day climber. With this title, Crux will set you up with the following:

  • $250 to go towards travel, new gear, or anything you might need for your next adventure.
  • 3 months membership to Crux.
  • Of course, some Crux apparel.
  • And a piece of gear personalized for your next adventure.


How To Become An Ambassador

Do you know someone the should become a Crux ambassador? Nominate them below! You can nominate yourself, and you can be nominated by more than one person. The amount of nominations won’t guarantee selection as Crux ambassador, but it does catch our eye.

We will collect all submissions for our first ambassador by May 1st, and announce it on May 8th. 

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