Private Lessons


Kristyn has been climbing for 10 years and discovered her passion for climbing with people with disabilities about 3 years ago. She has her master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Texas State University and worked as an adaptive instructor for The National Ability Center. At this time, private adaptive lessons would best be suited for individuals with intellectual disabilities, or individuals with physical disabilities that do not require a fully adaptive set up to climb. In the future, Crux plans to acquire the Misty Mountain Wellman ARC harness to provide fully adaptive climbing. Private adaptive lessons with Kristyn would be best suited for climbers of all ages that need a little extra patience and support with any level of experience. If you would like to schedule an adaptive private lesson, please email for details.

Private Lessons With Katie

Katie started her climbing journey in 2015 and has learned many physical and mental tools along the way. Whether you are a new climber discovering the sport for the first time and looking for some basic movement techniques or a more seasoned climber looking to fortify your technique, Katie has got you! She has taught both beginner and advanced movement techniques for several years on the east coast and is excited to share her skillset at Crux. Katie creates a comforting, welcoming, and encouraging space that will help you grow into a confident climber. She is aware that the sport can be intimidating for new climbers and likes to put a lot of emphasis on having a good time while climbing and learning. Katie’s lessons are geared towards beginner and intermediate climbers looking to advance in the V0-V5 range. If you would like to book a private lesson, please email:

Private Lessons With Damir

My name is Damir Okanovic and I have been a rock climber for 6 years. My experience comes from early American Ninja Warrior training and becoming a NASM certified personal trainer. I have been coaching kids and adults most of my life in different sports. I have a background in martial arts, soccer, track, parkour, ninja warrior, and rock climbing. When it comes to rock climbing, it’s not just about strength, but more of movement and awareness. Building confidence to concur obstacles also plays a big part in climbing. With my lessons, you will experience both mental and physical training in order to reach your goal. My lessons are geared towards beginner and intermediate climbers looking to advance in the V0-V7 range. If you would like to book a private lesson, please email:

Private Lessons With Jennings Bailey

Jennings has been climbing for over five years now after getting his start at Baylor University. Though he began primarily interested in bouldering, he soon after moved to ropes and fell even deeper in love with the sport. In August 2021, he got his Climbing Wall Instructor certification and discovered a whole new aspect of climbing that he loves with equal alacrity: teaching. From people who only just learned what bouldering is to solid 5.10 climbers looking to boost their top rope or lead confidence, Jennings teaches the need to know fundamentals to get someone started or the subtler techniques to help a strong climber overcome their plateau. He’s comfortable with one-on-one teaching and coaching, or equipping small groups with the instruction they need to realize their climbing ambitions. If you would like to book a private lesson, please email: for details.

Private Lessons With Matt

20 years ago Matt was introduced to the world of climbing, he connected with it instantly and it quickly became a major part of his life and identity. Climbing became his meditation, his place to find his center and peace. He dedicated himself to fully exploring climbing and learning as much as he could about it.This drive led him to a become part of a US Army Mountain Team where he had the privilege to teach climbing and mountaineering skills around the world to not only U.S. soldiers, but also Korean, Mongolian, and Afghan soldiers. He has a passion for teaching anyone who wants to learn, from the very beginner to experienced climbers who are looking to advance their current skills and abilities. He has 4 children and loves teaching kids as well and introducing climbing to new generations. From V0 to V6 or 5.6 to 5.12, Matt believes in comprehensive teaching that not only covers the how, but also the why. If you would like to book a private lesson, please email for details.

Private Lessons with Michael

Michael has been climbing since 2016 when he first set foot in a bouldering gym and immediately was hooked. Loving the marriage of mental and physical challenge, he knew this was where he belonged. After a couple of years Michael decided to take this passion for climbing and bring it together with his desire to educate those around him, sparking his decision to leave the food service industry and jump headfirst into the world of climbing gyms and instruction. Fast forward four years and Michael is currently a certified Single Pitch Instructor through the American Mountain Guide Association; as well as a Climbing Wall Instructor Provider through the Climbing Wall Association! Michaels lessons are geared towards those who are interested in learning some of the more technical aspects of climbing. Think less “How to belay” and more “How to be the best belayer”. If you would like to book a private lesson, please email for details.


  • $60 per hour for lessons 
  • $90 per 1.5 hour lessons  
  • $90 per hour for lessons for 2 people 
  • $135 per 1.5 hours for lessons for 2 people 
  • $150 per hour for lessons with 3 people
  • $225 per 1.5 hours for lessons with 3 people 

Cancellation Policy

We realize that sometimes life happens and you may not be able to make your climbing class. In situations when you need to cancel, please give Crux Climbing Center a call 24hrs in advance of your class and we will issue a full refund. If you call with less than 24hr notice for our instructors, we will only be able to issue a 50% refund. We do not offer refunds for no shows. Please let us know if you have any questions at (512) 931-3911.