BETA Program: Be Empowered To Ascend

Crux’s next Adaptive Climbing day is June 8, 2024! Upcoming 2024 Dates: September 21 and December 14.  

Crux’s Adaptive Program is offered to all ages with varying adaptive abilities and will be hosted quarterly to bring climbing to all. Join us on our next climbing session for an adaptive climbing day with trained staff and volunteers.
10A – 12P | Volunteer Training for First Time Volunteers
1P – 2:30 P | Adaptive Climbing: Session One
3P – 4:30P | Adaptive Climbing: Session Two

Come climb with us! We are so excited for the opportunity to get everyone climbing. From those who have climbed with us before to those who have never climbed, we are excited to get you on the walls. Feel free to arrive and/or leave at any time during your scheduled climbing session.

$16 for climbers with gear included.
$0 for spectators.

*To sign into the Crux Approach Portal, you need to create an account using the same email you have used with Crux in the past. If you have any issues, please email*

This event wouldn’t happen without our volunteers! From working different systems to climbing alongside someone, our volunteers will help make this day the best for all of our participants!

Kristyn Olsen will spend the morning training our new volunteers on the ins and outs of adaptive climbing. You will learn different techniques, equipment, skills, and etiquette. Then, in the afternoon, you will get the chance to help our adaptive climbers climb! If you have volunteered with us before, you do not need to attend the training again.

We ask that all volunteers be top rope belay certified through Crux. This is a prerequisite skill that will not be taught during the volunteer training. We offer top rope belay courses Tuesdays, Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays. Register for a belay class here.

Volunteer Schedule:
10A – 12P | New Volunteer Training
12P – 1P | Volunteer Lunch
12:45P | Returning Volunteers Arrive

1P – 4:30P | Adaptive Climbing Sessions

*To sign into the Crux Approach Portal, you need to create an account using the same email you have used with Crux in the past. If you have any issues, please email*

Purchase a BETA shirt from our South gym Gear Shop!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support J13 Community.

Meet Kristyn

Kristyn oversees the adaptive climbing program at Crux, known as the BETA Program – Be Empowered To Ascend! She earned her master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Texas State University and has a passion for providing climbing opportunities for all.

Below is a full list of the equipment we will have onsite for our BETA Program. Please let us know if you have any questions about the equipment or do not see any equipment that you typically use.

Misty Mountain Wellman ARC Harness
Various grip assists
Adult and child full body harnesses, chest harnesses, and traditional waist harnesses
Climbing shoes
Gait belts

Transfer board
Knee pads

If you’d like to support the BETA Program, we could use a few donations! The following items can be purchased then donated to the BETA Program.


The BETA program is adaptive climbing for all! All ages, disabilities or chronic medical conditions are welcome.

The weight limit is 300 lbs.

Crux is working with volunteers from our climbing community to support the BETA Day and provide climbing opportunities for all. Participants will climb with volunteers and have opportunities to side-by-side climb, climb using our accessible equipment, be taught climbing techniques, knots, etc. The gym will not be reserved for the BETA Day and will still be open to the public. While adaptive climbers will have ample opportunity to utilize the gym, the goal of the program is to integrate the climbing community and the adaptive community. Adaptive climbing will end at the end of each session. You are welcome to register for both sessions. If a climber is able to participate in the gym without the support of the BETA volunteers, they are welcome to stay and climb on their own.

The weight limit for any climbing is 300 lbs. The adaptive chair does not accommodate for very small children. Crux does not restrict anyone from climbing based on medical history. We encourage participants to communicate with their volunteer instructors regarding any challenges they may have, what their goals are, and to be mindful not push themselves beyond what they are capable of.

Parking at Crux can be a bit tricky. We share a parking lot with Cosmic and parking becomes unavailable very quickly on the weekends and weekday evenings. We will have a total of 6 accessible parking spots reserved for the BETA day.

Our facility is mostly wheelchair accessible. You can access all areas of the gym on the 1st floor. Our 2nd floor is not accessible by wheelchair, but all adaptive climbing occurs on the 1st floor. Our rope climbing area has a 1 inch padding covering the floor. We are excited for our North location to be fully accessible!

A water bottle and any personal equipment you utilize on a regular basis like a walker, wheelchair, etc.

This is a total possibility! We encourage amputees to consult their prosthetist to determine the options for securing your prosthetic. Prosthetic leashes can be provided if needed.

Yes! We encourage all climbers with autism to participate. Climbers may need to be slowly introduced to climbing to work through any behavioral problems that pose a risk to the child or other climbers. We invite any occupational, recreational, and/or behavioral therapists to support the climber at the family’s discretion.

Participants are paired with volunteers from Crux’s climbing community. Volunteers can act as belayers, climbing coaches/instructors, side-by-side climbers, and personal cheerleaders!

Awesome! We appreciate your interest in serving the adaptive climbing community. We ask that all volunteers are currently belay checked with us at Crux. New volunteers will attend a 2 hour volunteer training the morning of the BETA climbing day. Once this training is completed, returning volunteers are not required to attend the training again.

Yes! Please email Kristyn@cruxclimbingcenter for more details. These bookings will be charged as an event with an instructor or as a private lesson depending on the structure required.

Yes! The animal needs to be okay staying on the ground while their person climbs. Please be aware the climbing area is crowded and there may be kids and/or other dogs around. While we can’t require you to have another person available to monitor your service dog while you climb, we highly recommend it. This is mainly to protect your service dog from others trying to pet them if you’re not there with your animal.

Crux is pet friendly in general. Our policies for animals that are not service animals are: 1. The animal needs to be on leash at all times. 2. The leash needs to be in a human hand at all times 3. The animal may not go on the mats.