Kids Rock Climbing

From teams, to Bouldering Camp, to parties, and a kids wall, Crux has a ton of kid-friendly and kid-specific climbing activities and offerings.

Crux Crushers Kids Climbing Camp

Get ready for an awesome summer break! Crux Crushers Camps provides kids with a safe environment to explore rock climbing, hone their skills, make new friends, and build confidence. Campers also participate in yoga, crafts, and fun games!

Kids Climbing Club

Kids Club is a great way for kids to have fun while learning about rock climbing. This program provides a fun environment for kids to learn the fundamentals of rock climbing, build useful skills, develop climbing technique, and hone safety skills.

Rock Climbing Parties for Kids

Be the coolest parent in town by throwing your child’s birthday bash at Crux Climbing Center. Parties Include 2 staff members to help run your party including belaying the kids, Cups, plates, silverware, Helium balloons, “Happy Birthday” banner, Party favors for every kid, and more.

Youth Competitive Teams

Led by Ahmed and Peter, Team Arête is the newest addition to the Austin climbing community. Team Arête focuses on enhancing the skills and strength of its members and providing a motivating, challenging, and most importantly, fun environment so they may reach their climbing goals.

A unified Austin climbing team that utilizes both Crux Climbing Center and Austin Rock Gym with the focus to provide all the necessary tools for all of their athletes to excel to their fullest potential in a fun, safe, and motivating environment.

Kids Recreational Climbing & Bouldering Team

The recreational is a program for kids interested in improving their climbing skills in a fun, pressure-free environment. This team will focus on enhancing climbing skills beyond that of kids club and may serve as a bridge for anyone who wants to enter the world of competitive climbing.