Fitness Classes

Fitness Check-In

Before starting your fitness class, please make sure to check-in with the front desk and receive a token from them. Instructors will collect these tokens at the beginning of class to ensure you’ve checked in at the front desk.

You will not be allowed to take a class without giving the instructor a token, or if you arrive more than 10min. late.



Crux offers a variety of drop-in fitness classes that will not only give you a good workout, but also provide you with knowledge on how to train specifically for climbing. All fitness classes are included in a Crux membership.

Check out our fitness class types below:

IsoCore – 30m

In isometrics, the hard work is done by trying to maintain a posture, as opposed to moving constantly in and out of it. You will be holding various positions for time, playing with resistance, and building a ton of strength in 360 degrees around the mid section. Mainly bodyweight focused with the sparse addition of tools. Highly climber recommended!

Dynamic Core – 30m

You will be working in 360 degrees around the mid-section, but also employing differing speeds of movement. Thus, training the core and brain to coordinate a bit better so more movement is accessible to us at anytime, in any direction, at any speed necessary. Cardio elements will be present as well as the use of tools.

Dynamic HumanMovement-60m

10-15m warm up of mobility, dynamic stretching, and cardio.

45minutes of movement using various styles of Circuit Training in an effort to engage the body and mind, improve agility, balance, strength and endurance, maintain an elevated heart rate, and generally bomb-proof the body.  You will be carefully instructed in the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, and steps/boxes amongst other functional training tools. All levels welcome!

All Levels Fitness

Functional fitness is about being able to adapt in any kind of environment. During our group WOD (workout of the day), we will push you as hard as we can, without compromising your ability to safely conduct the movements used in the workout. We will constantly be ramping up the intensity of your workouts based on your gained proficiency in the lifts. One aspect of how all levels differs from other programs is that you will be held accountable for the goals that you have set for yourself. Your potential is usually much more than what you believe it to be and we will continually push you in order for you to receive the results you deserve. We will incorporate diet/nutrition (Like paleo and zone) to go along with the workouts, causing even more dramatic results. Whether you are a competitive person or not, the group environment is one that cannot be recreated anywhere else. The support and motivation garnered from the other members in the class is remarkable. You will become part of the most unique and selfless fitness communities in the industry.

Be sure to show up to class 15 minutes early!

Adaptive Basics



Weightlifting is focusing on both Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The goal is to bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to your strength training.

All Levels Mobility

All Levels Mobility is focused on your range of motion. Whether you are limited on range or hyper-mobile, this class will give you the tools to become better for all areas in life. Each lesson in your own way can be a learning experience about how the body works and how it is used during training.

Lattice Board Classes

As we progress up the grades, the demands on our fingers and forearms grow. In this class, we’ll address the demands by using the lattice board, circuit wall, hangboards, and campus rungs to increase the load our fingers can handle and how long they can handle it. We’ll also discuss injury prevention practices and how to maintain healthy, flexible fingers through even the harshest climbing. Though we will do a short warm-up, it’s helpful if you climb lightly for 10-15 minutes before we begin. Bring shoes, chalk, water, and as always, psych.