Story / Mission

Austin locals Matt Twyman and Kevin Goradia saw the Austin climbing community bursting at the seams and decided to do something about it. After countless conversations with new and experienced climbers in Austin, Matt and Kevin dreamed up the perfect facility to cater to the needs of local climbers. A major component of rock climbing is community, so they knew that whatever they made would have to combine impressive rock walls, dynamic bouldering areas, and state-of-the-art fitness spaces with a comfortable place for members to commune and collaborate.

The goal: To build a premier hub where Austin climbers could not only perfect their craft, but to create a space where they could gather as a community, learning from and teaching one another.

The ongoing mission of Crux is to offer everything that a traditional climbing gym does… Only better. Matt and Kevin took standard climbing and bouldering gym concepts and improved on them, adding terrain that could be reconfigured, 24-hour access, music plug-in capability, charging stations throughout the gym, lounge spaces with AstroTurf, and a top-notch retail area.

One of the best things about having local Austin owners is accessibility. Crux isn’t a big-box gym, so the staff actually hears what you have to say. Feedback is always welcome and is taken seriously, and you’re encouraged to let us know what you think about your new climbing home.

We opened our doors to all of Austin on May 7, 2016 with two competitions: Setter Showdown and Come and Send It Fest.

Here is a look at that day: