Redpoint Rodeo

Hosted by St. Edward’s University Climbing Team

Feb 15th – 28th


Saddle up and put on your climbing boots! We may not have a bucking bronco, but we’ve got climbs that will still give ya a good kick.

Everyone is welcome! This event is CCS sanctioned and has a public competition component as well! Competition will take place on the bouldering corral and future wall.


Men’s – Novice (v0-v2), Intermediate (v3-v5), Advance (v6+)

Women’s – Novice (v0-v2), Intermediate (v3-v4), Advance (v5+)


Collegiate: $30 + day pass for nonmembers

Non-Collegiate: $30 for the day you choose to compete. Nonmembers are allowed to try problems multiple days, but will have to pay an additional day pass fee for each day they return.


This is a virtual redpoint comp held on the KAYA App over a two week period. The app is free to download. A Bouldering Virtual Redpoint Format competition shall follow the Classic Redpoint Format with the following modifications:

  • All Bouldering rules for Classic Redpoint Format shall apply. For the avoidance of doubt, and by way of example, all boulders shall be set for 4-point starts and shall require a successful 4-point start in order to be considered a completed boulder.
  • In order to receive points for a boulder they complete during the competition, the
    competitor must timely submit the boulder completion record via the online scoring module system. Such record must include unaltered video documentation of the competitor successfully climbing the boulder, from a successful start continuously through the successful TOP, and that meets the video requirements set forth in the USA Climbing Bouldering Virtual Redpoint FAQ document. The submission of the boulder completion record, including said video, must be completed before noon Mountain Time on the day immediately following the end of the competition. Any update, modification, or alteration of any video after the video submission deadline shall result in the revocation of the relevant boulder.
  • A competitor’s total score for the competition shall be the cumulative value of their top five (5) completed boulders, where such completed boulders may be completed on different days during the competition.
  • A competitor’s unsuccessful attempts are not recorded, and are not used in ranking competitors or breaking ties.

If you have further questions, please see the host gym manager/organizer and/or consult the USA Climbing Rulebook. All collegiate competitors must have a USA Climbing membership prior to the start of the competition in order to receive credit for the event and scores entered into the scoring module.


1st Place – 10 Punch Pass or 3-Month Membership plus a Crux waterbottle

2nd Place – 5 Punch Pass or 1-Month Membership plus a climbing brush

3rd Place – 2 Day Passes plus a Crux skincare kit (Gossamer Gear poach, tape, nail clippers, and skin file)

*Prizes must be picked up by 3/15


All competitors must sign our waiver. Registering for collegiate comp automatically enters you into the general public comp.

All competitors must sign up for a climbing session when they want to compete.


Cancellation Policy: You may cancel at anytime for a full refund until 2/15. No refunds will be made on 2/15 or after.


Raffle directly benefits St. Edward’s climbing team to help pay for expenses to travel to competitions. The raffle tickets can be bought online and the prizes will be raffle individually. Winners announce 2/28 and all prizes must be claimed by 3/15. You could win the following:

  • Several $35 – $50 gift cards to ClimbOn
  • $20 Cosmic Coffee Gift Card
  • 2 XL Sending Sticks
  • A Gossamer Gear Vagabond Trail Daypack
  • Three Osprey Mutant 22L Packs
  • Three Transporter 65L Duffels
  • Two Mutant Grips Portable Hangboards and additional Mutant Grips items