Quick on the Draw

USAC Youth Sport Qualifying Event Competition

March 1st – March 14th


$30 | Registration fee paid through Kaya app

$16 | Day Pass for youth climbing

$0   | For spectators (but must still sign-up for a session)


A Lead/Top Rope Virtual Redpoint Format competition shall follow the Classic Redpoint Format set out in Part 2 (Discipline Rules) in the Rulebook.

  • The competition shall run for two (2) weeks, starting on a Monday and ending on the Sunday that is thirteen (13) days later.
  • The competitor will receive the sum of the points for the top 3 hardest routes
    they completed during the competition period.
  • Points are earned by completing a route from start to finish while establishing control of the finish hold with two hands. Attempts must be recorded (every time the feet leave the ground). If a hold spins or breaks step off immediately and notify the front desk staff. If you use a hold or feature that is “off route” no more points can be earned and the attempt will count.
  • The scoring value (points) for each completed route shall be based on the YDS grade assigned to the route, and shall use the following table:
  • All routes are designed to be climbed on Top Rope and Lead. The scoring value (points) for climbing a route on Lead is the same as that for climbing on Top Rope.

Using the App for Scoring

Climber will establish a free account on the app prior to coming to the gym. Once
at the gym and through the check-in process, they will activate their competition
session in the app.

During their session, they will input all of their attempts and completed climbs into
the app. Other than any time constraints imposed by the gym’s capacity policies
and operating hours, there will be no constraint on how much time a climber may
spend attempting the routes. At the conclusion of the competition period, the
competitor’s results will be officially submitted via the app.

Training materials on how to use the app will be provided to climbers/parents, and
there will be telephone support available from the app provider, USAC Staff, and/or Regional Coordinators.

If you have any questions about the rules, the full rule book can be found here.


Climbs will be available starting March 1st and end March 14th. Please see our current hours below and ways to reserve a session.

Current Hours 

M-T | 6A – 11P

F – Su | 10A -10P

All participants (even spectators) must sign up for a session to climb. There is not a limit to the number of sessions you can sign up for. Sessions become available two weeks prior to date. Saturday morning 3/6 and 3/13 and will be open to competitors only 8A-10A. To book a session during this time, please email matt.roberts@cruxcc.com.


Youth only competition. Register through the Kaya website (not the app) and record their climbs in the app.

All competitors must sign our waiver. All competitors must have an USAC climbing competitor membership or an introductory membership to participate in the event.

All competitors and spectators must sign-up for a session to guarantee entry into the facility.