Crux Academy

A collaborative, comprehensive, and climbing specific program targeting strength, mobility, and injury prevention.

This 9 session course will take place over 4.5 weeks every Monday and Wednesday from 1-2:30pm. Crux Academy is made for newer climbers looking to push their grade by improving climbing skills and techniques, creating a strength training regimen, and getting new ideas for warm-ups and cool-downs that have injury prevention in mind. Each attendee will receive a binder with all of the information from the course, as well as links to each video referenced or made for the course itself.


Oct 16 – Nov 13

1:00P – 2:30P Mondays and Wednesdays


Members | $405 (paid in advance)* or $50/session

Non-Members | $445 (paid in advance)* or $55/session

Participants: Max 15 participants, Min 10 participants

*shirt included


Crux Academy is for any climber looking to get the tools and training to push into the next grade scale while preventing injury. Climbers must have been climbing at least for one year.

Nine deep dive sessions with one common goal–to improve your climbing for the long haul. In these sessions you’ll explore strength training, injury prevention, proper warm-up/cool down, and differing climbing techniques through the lens of a sports performance coach, physical therapist, climbing coach, and yoga/fitness coach. By the end of these sessions, you’ll leave with a solid projecting and training plan for climbing and an injury prevention programmed brain that’s impossible to ignore.

Most important thing to bring: your questions. Beyond that, clothes that you’re comfortable working out in. There will be a number of sessions where you’ll be asked to bring your climbing shoes and chalk, but bring them to every session if you plan to climb afterwards just for fun.

Sean Ahmadi! Sean graduated from UT with a degree in kinesiology and sports performance. He’s passionate about climbing, cycling, running (etc) and loves researching ways to improve performance. Have a passion for your sport? Full time job? Social life? Feel like there’s no way you can improve on your climbing because of how full your life is? Sean’s got some pretty wonderful ways to navigate that.