We have the same Covid Protocols at our both South and Central locations:

UPDATE: 8/6/2021: Saunas and showers are closed while Austin is in Stage 5

UPDATE: 7/16/2021: MASK ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL. Today it was announced that Austin has moved back into Stage 3. Starting 7/16, masks will be required for all to help protect those under 12 who cannot get vaccinated and minimize the impact that this new Delta Variant has even on those that are vaccinated.

We are no longer requiring reservations before 5 PM, but will maintain a 37.5% capacity at both locations. We do not foresee us running into capacity issues at this level. 


  • Operating at 37.5% capacity
  • Masks are required in facility at all times. 
  • No reservations are needed before 5 PM except for yoga classes, and fitness classes(Updated 6/1/2021)
  • Yoga and fitness classes are teacher preference for mask rule, so make sure to check the website to see if you need a mask.
  • Youth participants and coaches will still wear masks.
  • Masks are required for those between the ages of 2-12. Kids under 2 do not need to wear a mask, but if they are able to walk, we highly suggest wearing a mask since they will be touching surfaces that other people touch.
  • We will not be instilling “Member Only Hours” of 6A-11A M-F during this phase.
  • Showers and Saunas are CLOSED (8/6/2021).
  • Bandanas, Buffs, Gators are no longer permitted. You MUST be wearing a mask after 5 PM.
  • Fitness and Yoga classes are now capped at 10-12 people.
  • Patrons will not have to sign-up for both a fitness class and a fitness barn space when they want to use the open gym after a class, since these bookings are linked and will automatically tally into the fitness barn capacity.

  • Dogs are permitted.
  • Masks required for ALL 
  • Bandanas, Buffs, Gators are no longer permitted in the gym. …still (updated 3/2/21 and will be until further notice) 
  • Orientations are limited to six people.
  • Showers and Saunas are CLOSED (8/6/2021)
  • Masks are required in the Saunas
  • Cash accepted
  • Powder Chalk allowed
  • Hand sanitize on the way in
  • Hand sanitizer around the facility
  • Rope Canyon is limited to 20 people

5/17/21 – We will be dropping reservations on weekdays only before 5 PM at our main facilities. Fitness barn still requires a reservation. We are still keeping our capacity under 25% and are working to lift all reservations, but will do so in stages to insure the safety of our customers and staff.

Update: [1/1]: With Austin moving into stage 5 we are limiting our capacity again. We will be taking the temperature of everyone entering the building, limiting yoga classes to only 6 people, and limiting the capacity of the rope canyon to only 18 people. Masks are still required at all times.

Update: 9/21 We are now limiting session sign ups to 40 people per session, but signups start at the top of each hour for a two-hour session. We will be opening Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays at 8 AM. Saunas and showers are now open.

Fitness and yoga classes are now capped at 7 people.

Bandanas are no longer permitted in the gym. If you do not have a mask you may ask for one at the front desk.

Update: 9/1 We are now limiting session sign ups to 35 people per session, but having signups start at the top of each hour for a two-hour session. We are working to add back some earlier morning sessions for some of the days of the week.

Update: On May 25th we will activate everyone’s membership that was put on an internal COVID Freeze. If at any point during or before COVID, you submitted a freeze request with no end date, you will remain frozen and charged the $5 fee starting June 1st. If you are not ready to have your membership reactivated, please submit a freeze request. All Paid-in-Full memberships will have their expiration date moved for the time we were closed.

Update: 5/13 While gyms have permission to open again starting on May 18th, we have decided to wait an additional week to monitor safety and open on May 25th. We will be re-opening in phases with various protocols in each phase. Please take a look at our first two phases. While this is our current plan, we will monitor how each week goes to adjust protocols as needed. These phases and protocols will be posted here and updated as we need.

Update: 4/30 Retail To-Go now available. Message us on Instagram or email us at to make a purchase! Pick up available on Fridays from 11 AM – 3 PM

Update: 4/28 We know we are all excited to get back to climbing and training as soon as possible. However, gyms were not amongst the businesses that have been the go ahead to reopen this week. Once we do get this approval, we will take all safety precautions to reopen the gym on our time and with new precautions in place. We will not be hasty or casual about this. We want to continue to keep our staff, our members, and guests as safe as possible.

Update: 4/15 City officials have issued a shelter in place until May 8th, so we will not open until that is lifted and it is safe to resume business.

With all the questions, unknowns, and challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Crux believes we can all make responsible decisions to help slow down the spread of this virus. With that said, we have decided to do our part and will be closing the gym starting on Wednesday, March 18th until city official announce that it is safe to reopen. We will stay open for normal hours today and tomorrow to allow members and guests to clean out their lockers, get the necessary equipment from our gear store for at home training if needed/wanted, and field questions via phone.

Crux knows that in times like these it is important to have community and a place to de-stress, clear your mind, and move your body. However, we also have a responsibility to protect the health of our staff, members, and community as a whole and we strongly believe this is the right step to take.

During this time, our staff will be paid, as that is one of our goals through all of this, to take care of our family. This also includes our members (see below).


  • All monthly drafting memberships will receive a credit on the next billing cycle for the days we are closed in March.
  • If we are closed beyond March, we will suspend billing and only charge prorated dues when we are able to open again.
  • There will be no fees for freezing in March.
  • Paid-in-full membership expiration dates will extend the number of dates we will be closed.
  • There is no action needed to be taken by members to receive the credit or move paid-in-full dates.

Events, Classes, and Programs

  • All events will be postponed for the month of March.
  • All climbing class participants will be contacted to reschedule or to receive a refund.
  • All youth programs will be put on hold with credits and payments operating like a monthly drafting membership.


We know there are a lot of questions out there. Please see the below contact for the following departments and managers.

General Inquiries –

Memberships –

Youth Programs –

Climbing Classes –

Fitness –

Yoga –

Dog photos or extra angry complaints –

Additionally, as a small business we would appreciate if members continue your dues, but understand if you are unable to. If you would like to continue your dues to help support, please email Other ways to show support are through online gift cards or booking classes/private lessons in the future.

Thank you for your continued support. We love our community and want only the best for it. We hope to see you healthy and happy soon!