Youth Competitive Teams

Announcing Team Crux – 2020 Bouldering Season

Crux eagerly announces a new youth program for August 2020 that unifies Austin climbers. We see this youth program as an extension of Crux’s culture where the youth in Austin will be able gather as a community to learn from and teach one another. We aim to provide a climbing program that fits a variety of youth ages, skill levels, and interests.

What is a Competitive Team?

Broken up into early practices for younger climbers and later practices for older climbers. This team is for youth who want to compete at USA Climbing competitions. In order to get them ready for competition, Team Crux practices 2-4 times a week at both South and Central locations.


$185/mo (includes a Team Crux shirt and a membership to come to Crux anytime outside of practice) 

+$160/mo for each add’tl sibling


South – Sunday and Thursday 4:00P-6:00P and 6:00P-8:00P
Central – Monday and Wednesday 4:00P-6:00p and 6:00P-8:00P

Both – Saturdays 8:00A-10:00A switching between locations with the calendar posted below.

Optional additional practices outside of Crux for an additional charge to gain experience on new and taller walls.

Corona Virus Prevention:

-At this time, everyone must wear a mask while at Crux. This includes staff, participants and spectators.

-We are currently requiring the use of liquid chalk, which is mostly comprised of alcohol. (Great for killing corona virus and germs!)

-Our groups are running at a smaller capacity and will always operate in a 6:1 participant to staff ratio.

-Our coaches will help spread the participants out and avoid contact/ grouping with other climbers.

-Our gym is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly.

-We have 0 reported cases of Corona Virus among any of our youth coaches or participants and we will continue to take safety measures to keep it that way!


Registration can be done all online! By 7/30 or as soon as we hit 24 participants, we will send out the practice schedule and share the team rosters. We will close registration when we reach 24 participants at south, and open up a waitlist. Pending the number of climbers on the waitlist, we will add them to normal practices or adjust the number of coaches or practices.



Once we have a full roster, we will look at the ages to split the kids evenly. If a kid’s school or life schedule does not allow them to attend one of the practice times, you will be able to mark that on the registration sheet.

For all practices Sunday-Thurday, we ask that our team wears a shirt, so that they are easily identified and to communicate to our other members that this climber knows climbing etiquette. By wearing the team shirt, we build a mutual respect between our members and the team kids, instead of just another “kid in a playscape” mindset.

On Saturdays, kids can choose to wear whatever shirt they want. We do have a “shirt-on” policy, so a shirt must be worn during all practices and competitions.

We are working with La Sportive, Friction Labs, and more to get better access to gear for our ever-growing youth.

Pending Covid safety concerns, we tentatively plan to attend Granite Gripper in the fall. We will not feel comfortable with a week long trip until Covid numbers have decreased and we estimate that will take until Summer 2021.

We do hope to host a couple outdoor day trips (Reimers, Greenbelt, Enchanted Rock) to make up for the inability to have bigger trips.

We will have our first parents meeting on 7/21 and then put registrations online.

If you are unsure whether your kid wants to join, please reach out to to schedule a practice. You’ll pay for a day pass, and if you would like to join at the end of practice, the day pass fees will be used towards your first team dues.

No, we will not auto-enroll TeamATX kids. If you would like to join our team, please fill out our registration.

For our first year and due to Covid, we are not hosting tryouts. Our goal is to find a place in our youth program for every kid who wants to climb.

This season we will do a first-come, first-serve to fill slots. We will be working with smaller practice capacity of 12 climbers on weekdays and 24 on Saturdays. Until the Central location is open, we will have 24 kids on the team. We do not foresee this being an issue with current capacities that Team ATX was running, but will adjust if we max out slots too quickly.

Yes, we are super excited to announce a team mascot, the sloth! This will be our 2020 logo, which the design may change year-over-year – but we will always be sloths.

The ideal practice schedule is 3x a week, but we understand that might not fit into every families schedule. We also want to be able to provide an additional practice for those that desire it. We will have youth pick a “home” gym for practices and practice there. They will get to experience the other gym every other Saturday. During rope season, we will do a 2-to-1 schedule for Saturday practices where two Saturdays will be South and then one at Central.

When reviewing with our coaches and other programs, we would like to start at two hours practices during Covid. The practices will have less climbers, so we feel we can accomplish our goals of warmups, drills, warm downs, etc in two hours.

As we are able to safely increase capacity, we will increase the practice times to 2.5hrs, first starting with older kids.

We have not heard confirmation either way. We are diligently watching the website and have reached out to USA Climbing. USA Climbing restructured the regions and we are now Region 51. If you have not joined the new Facebook group, you can do so here.

It’s highly encouraged to follow the USA Climbing forum for updates.


We are really excited for our first parents’ meeting on 7/21, and hope that you bring all your questions to that meeting. If you need to ask anything before, please email


Our goal is to communicate as much as possible on this web page, please let us know if you are needing more information. Below are some past meetings we have had with parents. As we form a team, this communication will only be made available to team parents.

7/21/2020 – First Parent Meeting for Team Crux. Recap of that meeting was sent out to the newsletter and parents that attended via zoom, and you can view that here. 

9/14/2019 – First Q&A session was held Sept 14th. A recap of that meeting was sent out to our newsletter, and you can view that here.