REEL Plastic

From the gym that sponsors Reel Rock, comes a heart breaking, tear jerking, gasp causing, emotion riding, night of local films. 

Trying to send all the Squirrels and it’s been a crazy ride? Let us all join in on your journey. Love to make music videos set to your favorite whippers at Reimers? Let us all enjoy the masterpiece. Learning how to trad climb and it is freaking you out? Let us all feel the nervous emotion. Whatever story you have to tell, let us all watch. 

Date and Time:



Crux Climbing Center


Any filmmaker or story teller in the Austin community. All are invited to watch


Voting will take place the night of the event and will be voted on by the people.


Films must have a story line or theme (aka. we don’t want to watch a five minute film of you grunting up Yertle)

Films can be made in the gym or made outside

Films can be no longer than 10 minutes

Films must be original work

Films must have been made within the last 3 years

Films cannot be boring

Film quality does not matter

Films must be made by local film artist (leave Jimmy Chin out of this)

Films must be submitted no later than March 24th

Films must be appropriate for most ages. Films will be pre screened by select Crux staff beforehand to ensure of this.


Check out the examples below to get a feel for what we are looking for:

Top Rope Tough Guys

Free Solo Parody 

How to Be a Rock Climber

99% – By Mark Goldstein

Heartbreak to V7 – Will Ramsey

What Happens in Red Rocks – Jules Langert

Please, don’t be that climber – Zach Haynie

The Big Rig – Merrick Ales

Registration – 

Must include:

-film title

-a short description of your film

-your film (obviously)

REEL Plastic

Maximum file size: 1.54MB