Recreational Team+

Rec Team+ is a great class for teens of all skill levels and meant for teens 13+. Rec Team is a non-competitive climbing team for kids interested in improving their climbing in a fun pressure-free environment. Coaches will focus on enhancing climbing skills. Kids will focus on technique, strength building, teamwork and problem solving, through the use of games, team building and trust exercises. They will also learn valuable life skills such as trust, concentration and communication. It may also serve as a bridge for any kid who wants to enter the world of competitive climbing.
A Rec Team+ membership allows climbers to participate during the following hours with our coaches. The membership also allows climbers to come climb at our gym anytime during standard business hours.

Practice Times:

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 6:45PM-8:15PM

*A $5.00 fee will be charged for every 15 minutes a guardian is late picking up from practices.


$165 per month (includes membership and gear)
  • Crux offers a $25.00 team tryout for anyone that is interested in trying out a session before joining the team. If you are interested in doing a tryout, please contact us at or

Recommended Ages 13 to 17


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’ve signed up my child, now what do I do?

A: You are all set! Just show up a few minutes early for the first session to make sure that your child’s paperwork/ payment and waiver is up to date. Our front desk staff can help your child get fitted into climbing shoes and a harness. From there, our youth coaches will meet with your child and introduce them into the program!  

Q: Do I need to purchase climbing gear for my child?

A: No! Crux provides all climbing gear for free as a part of their youth team membership. If your child wants to get their own gear, we do sell gear in our shop, but it is never mandatory for a child to have their own climbing gear.

Q: Can my child attend other sessions, or do I need to stick with the session I signed up for?

A: Your child will need to stick with the specific session that they signed up for.

Q: Can my child come climb outside of the scheduled practice times?

A: Yes! Any youth programs membership grants your child full access to either of our gyms (south or central location). Your child would be welcome to climb at the gym during our regular business hours if they are under adult supervision.

Q: Are practices mandatory?

A: Practices are always optional. We encourage kids to come to as many sessions as possible, but we understand if they need to miss sessions on occasion.

Q: My child has never climbed before, is this a good program for a beginner climber?

A: Yes! This program is designed for climbers of any skill level. Our coaches will work with your child to help them progress based upon their current skill level.

Susie Ruiz – Youth Programs Head Coach

Outdoor Climbing Trips

We offer outdoor day climbing trips exclusively to our Rec Team+ members with an additional charge to cover coaches. We try to keep the cost down as much as possible, but if this is a barrier for your kid participating, please let us know.