Private Lessons

Private Lessons with Felipe

Felipe’s time climbing began about 6 years ago, when his brother started taking him to climb along in gyms and outdoors at the local Crags. Between bouldering and sport climbing, Felipe’s time climbing has helped him sharpen his physical and mental skills, to the point when he realized what he really wanted to do was teach folks those same skills and help them fall in love with climbing the way he had. Since Febuary of 2022, Felipe has been the resident instructor at the Central Location for Bouldering basics classes, and later aquired his Climing Wall Instructor certification which has helped him level up his teaching abilities. Felipe is comfortable and experienced coaching/teaching any level of bouldering from VB(very beginner)-V10, and feels the same way about coaching any sport climbing up to 5.11d. All climbers are welcome in Felipes classes(/groups) or one-on-ones, and he loves working with climbers to help them achieve their specific goals, while keeping the focus on inclusivity and fun. If you would like to book a lesson, please email: for details.

Private Lessons with Katie

Katie started her climbing journey in 2015 and has learned many physical and mental tools along the way. Whether you are a new climber discovering the sport for the first time and looking for some basic movement techniques or a more seasoned climber looking to fortify your technique, Katie has got you! She has taught both beginner and advanced movement techniques for several years on the east coast and is excited to share her skillset at Crux. Katie creates a comforting, welcoming, and encouraging space that will help you grow into a confident climber. She is aware that the sport can be intimidating for new climbers and likes to put a lot of emphasis on having a good time while climbing and learning. Katie’s lessons are geared towards beginner and intermediate climbers looking to advance in the V0-V5 range. If you would like to book a lesson, please email: 

Private Lessons with Jennings Bailey

Jennings has been climbing for over five years now after getting his start at Baylor University. Though he began primarily interested in bouldering, he soon after moved to ropes and fell even deeper in love with the sport. In August 2021, he got his Climbing Wall Instructor certification and discovered a whole new aspect of climbing that he loves with equal alacrity: teaching. From people who only just learned what bouldering is to solid 5.10 climbers looking to boost their top rope or lead confidence, Jennings teaches the need to know fundamentals to get someone started or the subtler techniques to help a strong climber overcome their plateau. He’s comfortable with one-on-one teaching and coaching, or equipping small groups with the instruction they need to realize their climbing ambitions. If you would like to book a private lesson, please email: for details. 

Private Lessons with Eric

Eric started climbing in 2007, as a member of a competitive climbing team. He has experience bouldering at several of the world’s most renowned outdoor destinations. He has been a professional routesetter for five years, the last two of which have been at Crux. For climbers who are looking to further their ability to understand and execute technical climbing at a high level, Eric’s coaching would be very appropriate. If you would like to book a lesson, please email: for details.