Welcome to the Crux Climbing Fitness Program in Central Austin!

NOW OFFERING CLASSES SPOKEN IN SPANISH when requested!! Look for Meryl Carey on the schedule!

You can sign up below, or for easy sign-up and cancellation, download the RGPro Connect App, and follow instructions at the bottom of our Session Sign Up page to set up a profile.


Please show up several minutes early, if possible, to check into class at our front desk. We suggest bringing your own water bottles and proper fitness attire. All new participants will be required to fill out the waiver.  Please let your instructor know about any limitations, injuries, or goals so we can help you better!

We suggest signing in online ahead of time to secure your spot by clicking on the Information and Dates link in the calendar listing. Please let us know if you need to cancel your reservation by calling the front desk or cancelling in the App.

Class is full?  Call and get on the wait list and then show up with your fingers crossed!  5 min into class you will be offered the empty slots!



CRUX Fitness Program Mission

Our mission for the Crux Fitness program is to use a variety of systems and techniques to create better human movement, minimize injury, and improve both physical and psychological confidence.

Our bodies are born with the genetic belief that we will be running, squatting, climbing, and digging; however, our lives tend to lack those movements due to being stuck in chairs, desks, cars, and repetitive movements. We then go to a gym for an hour to mimic what our body should be doing during our waking hours. This programming is specifically designed to maximize that gym time and get humans moving better with regards to what our bodies were actually designed to do.

Crux offers a variety of drop-in fitness classes that cater to every body, experience level,  and athletic need.

Personal Training:  If you are looking for more personalized training for specific goals or specific athletic needs, please email our Fitness Manager, Matt Borer, and he will happily connect you to the trainer that best fits your goals!

Check out our fitness class types below:

(45min) An essential and defining element of the overall Crux fitness programming. Focussing on improving range of motion (ROM) and then building strength in that newly acquired ROM. A fantastic class in which to learn self assessment tools, everyday mobility self care, and to positively effect every movement you make every day for the rest of your life. No big deal. Climbers, you should be in here. All levels recommended.

(60min) 10-15m warm up of mobility, dynamic stretching, and cardio. 45 minutes of movement using various styles of Circuit Training in an effort to engage the body and mind, improve agility, balance, strength and endurance, maintain an elevated heart rate, and generally bomb-proof the body. You will be carefully instructed in the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, and steps/boxes amongst other functional training tools. All levels welcome!

(30min) Just what it sounds like, a short format class designed to focus on two highly requested areas of the body. Drop in and strengthen the core, the back, and the back end to improve power, posture, injury prevention AND frankly to look good coming and going. Just keeping it real. All levels.

A full body strength workout emphasizing the natural, organic movements of the human body.  Beginning with a 10-15 minute warm-up of several movement patterns for mobility, stability, balance, and coordination; and followed by super-sets of functional weight lifting and body weight exercises, which build in intensity and are capped off with a brief core circuit.  Learn lifting and moving techniques that translate to life outside the gym, while getting in shape and building a healthy, mobile body! All Levels.

(60min) This class is a balance of the major muscular movements of pulling, pushing, squatting, and pressing with a focus on strength, endurance, and a bit of cardio added in to round it out.  A great class for those looking to concentrate on foundational/traditional weight lifting movements and accessory work.  Ground control fo major gains.  All Levels.

General Equipment List

Lifting: Squat racks with pull up bar, barbells, bumper plates, trap bars, curl bars, benches.

Free Weights: Dumbbells, kettlebells, steel maces.

Cardio: AirRunners, Concept2 Rowers, PRECOR bikes and AMT ellipticals

Other: Medicine balls, sand bags, resistance bands, ab rollers, TRX, rings, Bosu balls, physio balls, plyo boxes, heavy bag, foam rollers, lacrosse balls,

Clean equipment.  Put it back. Respect others.  Create community! 

Online Classes

Everyone may not feel comfortable returning to the studio. We are offer a selection of videos from 10 for $20, 20 for $40, and all our yoga and fitness classes for $100. Please note that your account for online classes is not linked to the account on our website, RGP, or your membership at Crux. Follow the link below to check out the offerings.