Sign up for class through our online portal! Log in, select the correct location at the top right (Central), scroll to Fitness Classes, then click the class you’re hoping to sign up for and reserve your spot! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

Before entering class, check-in at the front desk. If you haven’t been in before, fill out this waiver to save some time!

Unsure of what class to sign up for? All classes welcome all levels of students and are taught based on the instructors’ passions and expertise. Each instructor has their own way of teaching, so it’s encouraged to try out multiple classes with varying instructors to find the best fit for you! Check out our Meet the Instructors page to read more, and to see who is offering personal training.

Class & Open Gym Age Limit: Attendees must be 18 years of age to participate. 14-18 may participate if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Check in with the instructor before class to ensure their comfort level. Email with any questions/concerns!


Class Offerings:

Curious about how best to approach your fitness practice? So are we. This class provides an opportunity to develop optimal and efficient strength and mechanics to prevent injury, all while building pillar-like strength in the process (yay)! Not only will you learn the proper set up, movement, breath, and tension for each exercise you perform; you’ll be corrected and qued intentionally throughout the process. Ask questions, be curious, get after it!

Looking to live a long, healthy, movement-filled life? Mobilize classes can help out with that. These classes focus on joint health by improving range of motion (ROM), then building strength within that newly found range. Take what you learn from these classes and apply it to climbing, lifting, hiking, biking, etc to prevent injury and feel safe while exploring your edge doing the movement practices you love.

This hour long class starts with 10-15min warm up of mobility, dynamic stretching, and core/cardio, then moves into 45min of movement using various styles of circuit training. You will be carefully instructed in the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, ropes, med balls, as well as other functional tools in an effort to engage the mind and body, improve agility, balance, strength, endurance, and cover all the bases.

Abs & Glutes classes are just what they sound like! A short format class designed to focus on strengthening two highly requested areas of the body. Strengthening your core and glutes can aid in improving your power, posture, and preventing injury. Drop in before or after a fitness, yoga, or climbing session for a quick burner.

This class is a balance of the major muscular movements of pulling, pushing, squatting, and pressing with a focus on strength, endurance, and a bit of cardio added in to round it out.  A great class for those looking to concentrate on foundational/traditional weight lifting movements and accessory work.

Flowletics is Tatiana’s signature calisthenic movement system that uses your body weight and the floor as an apparatus. You will warm up incorporating strength and mobility drills that target necessary ranges for the ensuing class patterns. Calesthenic body weight movements target strength through full range of motion that will also support your body in other activities.  Expect to have fun and tone up. Side effects: develop coordination, strength, fluidity, and dopeness.

Wear socks, pants and t-shirts! This class takes place in the Yoga Room.

It doesn’t matter if you feel totally unaware of where your body is in space or if you’re a professional athlete, this class takes all skill levels into account. Learn to explore your body and its limits safely with the support of detailed instruction from our coaches. You can expect a little cardio, a little strength, and a lot of attention to detail in this hour long class.

Primal strength classes are designed to help you achieve the strongest, healthiest, version of yourself. Crawl, swing kettlebells, improve balance, lift weights, and more to grow stronger in this full-body experience.

CRUX Fitness Program Mission

Our mission for the Crux Fitness program is to use a variety of systems and techniques to create better human movement, minimize injury, and improve both physical and psychological confidence.

Our bodies are born with the genetic belief that we will be running, squatting, climbing, and digging; however, our lives tend to lack those movements due to being stuck in chairs, desks, cars, and repetitive movements. We then go to a gym for an hour to mimic what our body should be doing during our waking hours. This programming is specifically designed to maximize that gym time and get humans moving better with regards to what our bodies were actually designed to do.

Personal Training

If you are looking for more personalized training for specific goals or specific athletic needs, please email our Fitness Manager, Audrey Davis, and she will happily connect you to the trainer that best fits your goals!

Check out our fitness class descriptions below:

General Amenities List:

Showers and Saunas!

Lifting: Squat racks with pull up bar, barbells, bumper plates, trap bars, curl bars, benches.

Free Weights: Dumbbells, kettlebells, steel maces.

Cardio: AirRunners, Concept2 Rowers, PRECOR bikes and AMT ellipticals

Other: Medicine balls, sand bags, resistance bands, ab rollers, TRX, rings, Bosu balls, physio balls, plyo boxes, heavy bag, foam rollers, lacrosse balls.

Clean equipment.  Put it back. Respect others.  Create community! 

Online Classes

Everyone may not feel comfortable returning to the studio. We are offer a selection of videos from 10 for $20, 20 for $40, and all our yoga and fitness classes for $100. Please note that your account for online classes is not linked to the account on our website, RGP, or your membership at Crux. Follow the link below to check out the offerings.