Bat City Bash

USAC Youth Local Bouldering Competition

November 18th


$45 per competitor

$0 for spectating


8:00A | Check-In Opens for Session 1

8:15A | Judges Meeting

8:45A | Rules Meeting for Competitors

9:00A – 12P | Session 1 (B, D)

12:00P | Check-In Opens for Session 2

12:15P | Judges Meeting

12:30P -ish | Session 1 Awards (as soon as they are done being scored and verified)

12:45P | Rules Meeting for Competitors

1:00P – 4:00P | Session 2 (C, A, JR)

4:30P-ish | Awards for Session 2 (as soon as they are done being scored and verified)

Bat City Bash’s redpoint round will use USA Climbing’s Redpoint “Modified” Format with their “multi-zone” scoring system. The goal is to complete the highest quantity of problems, where each problem has the same value and scores, and where all problems are counted. A competitor’s final score shall be the cumulative value of points recorded on each problem. Ties will be broken by falls, number of tops, flashes, and then falls to tops. If you have further questions, please consult the USA Climbing Rulebook.

Points are earned by completing a problem from start to finish while establishing control of the finish hold with two hands, or by controlling a “zone” hold with one hand. Attempts must be recorded (every time the feet leave the ground) by placing a (0, 5, 10, 15, or 25) in the appropriate box for each attempt or completion of the boulder problem. If a hold spins or breaks step off immediately and notify the judge or the attempt will count. If you use a hold or feature that is “off route” no more points can be earned and the attempt will count. A judge must sign your scorecard in order to receive credit. Any completions not judged, will not be counted towards your final score.

Competitors will have two weeks to come in and compete. Competitors must sign up for a session online.

If you have any questions about the rules, please email

We cannot accomplish these events without the help of our wonderful volunteers! Every volunteers will receive a day pass for each hour they volunteer.

We are looking for the following:

  • (3) Check-in | 7:45A – 9:30A
  • (20) Judges | 8:15A  – 1:00P
  • (2) Judge Reliefs | 8:15A – 1:00P
  • (3) Scorecard Helpers | 12:30P – 1:30P

Volunteers do not need prior experience judging, as we will go over all the rules during the judges meeting at 8:15A-9:00A. We will have 2 Judge Reliefs that will float around to swap out with judges for a bathroom break, to watch your kid climb a route, or to get a routesetter for a judge if there is a question.

Please click the button below to see how many spots we still need or to sign-up:


Here is the registration checklist, please make sure you got them all:

  • All competitors must sign our waiver.
  • All competitors must have a USA Climbing Competitor membership.
  • All competitors will register for the competition at USA Climbing’s Safesport following the link below.

Session 1 is for B and D

Session 2 is for C, A, JR