Quick on the Draw

USAC Youth Local Sport Competition

March 9th | 8:00AM – 12:00PM


  • $35 – Early Registration until 3/3
  • $45 – After 3/3
  • $60 – Day of


  • 7:00 AM | Check-in starts and Video loop starts
  • 7:30 AM | Judges Meeting
  • 7:45 AM | Climber’s Rule Meeting
  • 7:55 AM | Stage Climbers
  • 8:00 AM | Competition Begins
  • 11:30 AM | Climbing Ends
  • Awards follow ASAP

Single round sport flash local format.

  1. Flash format is part of the onsight rules, but does not use an isolation.
  2. Unlike a redpoint sport, where a route must be completed to get a score, flash format generates a score as soon as the climber starts the route.
  3. Competitors will be timed.  As soon as competitor finishes, the volunteers will get the next climber ready to climb and competitor will move to the back of the line of the next route.
  4. We will video tape forerunning of the routes, then setup monitors to play the videos on a loop.
  5. Competitors are allowed to watch each other.  Beta may be discussed off of the route and away from the active climber. No beta can be given to climber while climbing.

Prior to the start of the competition and before the attempt of the first competitor, a demonstration (forerunning) of each route shall be shown in a video showing the proper sequence and technique to be used. Competitors are allowed to use a different sequence/techniques as long as they stay on route. The demonstration will be a video recording of all routes that will repeat on a loop in the warm up area starting at 7:00A. Once climbing has begun, competitors are allowed to view other competitors’ attempts.

If you have any questions about the rules, please email ben@cruxcc.com

Volunteers are essential to helping make these competitions run smoothly! We cannot thank parents, friends, and family enough for the time they give to this event.

Volunteers will have a dedicated check-in in the yoga room where they will also receive coffee, bagels, snacks, and water bottles until 10:15A. All volunteers receive 1 day pass per hour of volunteering. No prior experience is necessary for any position, except the belay positions. Day passes will be physical passes given on the day of and can be used by anyone.

Register by clicking the button below.


Youth only competition.

All competitors must sign our waiver. You may register on the day of, in-person only as capacity permits. All competitors must have an USAC climbing competitor membership or an introductory membership to participate in the event.

Cap. 100 participants

Online registration is closed. You can register the morning of in person only.